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Terms of use

General terms

This agreement is between UDIFO (hereinafter referred to as Site Administration), a company that provides access to and services of the site (hereinafter referred to as the site), and an individual who has visited the site’s pages or used at least one of the services provided within the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site Visitor).

The User Agreement governs the use of resources, services, and the capabilities of the site provided by UDIFO company for receiving, posting information and communicating.

1. Site Visitor

1.1. A site visitor is any individual who has come in, having viewed at least one page of the site without prior registration and authorization on the site.

1.2. A visitor who has registered and logged in using unique individual data becomes a User of the site. During the registration of a new User, the Site Administration provides the User with the login and password for authorizing the User in his personal account (account) on the website The user is responsible for the safety and confidentiality of their data necessary for authorization on the website; transfer of this data to third parties is prohibited. All actions of the User, committed on his behalf after his authorization on the site, are considered as such that they were committed personally by the User. The user account has basic settings that the user has the ability to change if necessary, including the settings of notifications, mailings on behalf of the Site Administration.

1.3. The user has access to advanced features provided within the site.

1.4. In order to use the resources, services, capabilities of the site, the User must first agree to the Agreement. The user is not entitled to use the site if he has not accepted the terms of the Agreement.

1.5. The Visitor is not entitled to use the services of the site and cannot accept the terms of the Agreement if the Visitor has not reached the legal age for entering into such agreements; or did not fulfill other conditions for concluding such agreements provided for by the legislation.

1.6. User registration can be canceled:

1.6.1. on the initiative of the Site Administration (in the order of clause 4.5, clause 4.6 of the Agreement);

1.6.2. at the initiative of the User. To do this, the User must independently contact the Site Administration on the Feedback . In the letter, you must specify the individual data (e-mail, password) that he used for authorization on the site. If the User is registered on the site using social networks, then mention this in a letter to the Site Administration.

1.7. After cancellation of registration, the unique name of the User on the site is automatically changed to “Guest”, without the possibility of viewing his profile on All materials posted by the User (reviews, questions, answers, comments, videos, etc.) after the cancellation of registration remain on the site.

2. Use of materials from the site

2.1. Use the interactive resources of the site, leave feedback, questions and answers, comment on materials, publish their own materials and conduct online communication can only registered Visitors - Site Users.

2.2. User has the right to:

2.2.1. leave reviews of their operations and exchange services, which are opinions based on the user's own experience;

2.2.2. place on the rights of the copyright holder videos (including audiovisual works), images (including photographic works, illustrations, etc.). Video posting provides for uploading videos directly to the site and / or posting a link to a third-party site where video is already placed;

2.2.3. post questions and answers about services based on the user's own experience;

2.2.4. comment reviews, blog entries, videos;

2.2.5. use the resources of the site in another way that does not contradict the basics of its activities.

2.3. The copyright of the site materials, resources, services, unless otherwise specified, is owned by UDIFO.

2.4. Copying materials from the site without the written consent of the Administration is prohibited.

2.5. Partial quoting of materials from the site on an irregular basis is permitted with the obligatory reference to the source page of the quotation (no more than 5% of the total volume of the material).

2.6. All names, names, trademarks, symbols and slogans registered in the prescribed manner are the property of their respective owners. The site materials do not use icons (r) and / or (tm) for their designation.

3. Rules for commenting and writing reviews, placing questions and answers, videos, images

3.1. When writing reviews and comments, placing questions and answers, videos, images, the User must adhere to established rules and restrictions.

3.2. Ignorance of the rules, including restrictions on the placement of information and the use of resources of the site, does not relieve the Visitor (including the User) of the site from their implementation, and in case of their violation - from liability in accordance with this agreement and EU legislation.

3.3. The site banned:

3.3.1. publishing feedback on services that are not based on actual experience;

3.3.2. publication of feedback on the exchange service, unrelated to the process of selection and actual use of its service;

3.3.3. use of the form of reviews, comments to the recall, questions and answers, videos, for other purposes (for example, trolling, for sale and purchase announcements; for questions to other Users);

3.3.4. offensive behavior in relation to other Visitors, Exchange services, their employees and representatives, representatives of the Site Administration;

3.3.5. posting obscene statements;

3.3.6. the publication of messages with the aim of provoking a sharp reaction of other participants of the resource (trolling);

3.3.7. placing unauthorized advertising, commercial messages or announcements;

3.3.8. placement of materials, videos, images containing offensive expressions, signs of discrimination based on national, ethnic, racial or religious affiliation;

3.3.9. unauthorized placement by the user of materials, videos, images, the copyrights of which belong to third parties;

3.3.10. propaganda of computer and audio-video piracy in any form, publication of links to files and / or sites that violate or contribute to the violation of copyrights of third parties (torrent trackers, file sharing sites, warez sites);

3.3.11. creating accounts in which the name of the User imitates the service names (Administrator, Moderator, etc.), or similarly to the name of an already registered User;

3.3.12. the use of capital letters, punctuation marks and special characters in the texts of messages, except for the cases that are governed by the rules of the language used;

3.3.13. the publication of appeals, the placement of videos, images calling for violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order, the seizure of state power; to change the state borders of countries; to pogroms, destruction of property, seizure of buildings or structures; to aggression or to the outbreak of military conflict; other actions and publication of any messages, posting videos, images, prohibited by the legislation of their country;

3.3.14. posting messages (reviews, comments, questions and answers, videos, images) that repeat in full, in part or in meaning and content previous messages (reviews, comments, questions and answers, videos, images), including those deleted by the Site Administration on based on this Agreement.

3.3.15. Creation by one Visitor of two or more accounts.

3.4. The site does not welcome the placement of messages, videos, images, devoid of information load and not related to the subject of the resource.

3.5. The user can post only one review about one exchange service. If the User wants to post a new review, he should write a letter to the Site Administration asking him to delete his previous review ( - the topic "Delete Review"). If the User left a new review and did not write a letter to the Site Administration, as indicated above, the User’s reviews can be deleted by the Site Administration with a “spam” note.

A user registered on the site for at least 6 months and whose activity is at least 1 review per month for different exchange services (for the last six months, regardless of whether the exchange was completed or not), may post 2 or more reviews about one exchange service. There must be at least 30 days between the previous and the new review of such a User about the same exchange service. Abuse by the User of the possibilities provided for by this clause is not allowed and entails the responsibility stipulated by clauses 1.6, 4.5, 4.6 of this Agreement.

3.6. The user has the right to edit his review within 45 days from the date of publication on the site. If the User’s response on the exchange service was answered by the representatives of this exchange service, the User is deprived of the opportunity to edit his review, including the period before the expiration of 45 days from the moment of its publication on the site.

3.7. The user who posted the video, images on the site, consents to the use of records by the Site Administration, as well as to the Site Administration giving the rights to use the videos, images to third parties in the amount determined by the Site Administration at no charge. The site administration is not obliged to provide the User with any reports on the use of video recordings, images posted by the User.

3.8. The site administration reserves the right to delete messages (including reviews, questions and answers, comments) that repeat, in whole, in part or in meaning and content, messages (including reviews, questions and answers, comments) from other Internet sites or other sources.

3.9. In order to fulfill the conditions stipulated by clauses 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 of this Agreement, the Site Administration, at its discretion, may additionally contact the User with a request to provide copies of documents (check, receipt, etc.) confirming the exchange.

If the User does not submit the requested documents within 5 days, the Site Administration reserves the right to delete the User’s messages for which the request was made.

3.10. Conducting activities (promotions, mailings, SMS notifications) with material incentives for customers, namely: replenishment of mobile phone accounts, the provision of gifts, one-time discounts on services, a refund to increase the number of reviews of your exchange service on

In case of violation of the requirements of clause 3.10, the Site Administration applies the terms of clause 4.6 of the User Agreement (4.6. The moderator has the right to delete the posted information, review, question, answer, comment, video; block account; deny access User to the site or exclude access to part of the site’s capabilities by IP-address).

4. Responsibility for the placement of materials

4.1. Within the site, the Users are provided with a platform for communication (reviews, including questions and answers, a blog, commenting system, etc.). Any user can express their opinion on the subject of the site.

4.2. Responsibility for the accuracy of information posted in publicly accessible sections of the site (reviews, questions, answers, comments, videos, images), is solely its author. Responsibility for unauthorized copying and use of video recordings, images are borne by persons who unauthorized use of video recordings, images posted on the site.

4.3. Public sections of the site are subject to post-moderation - checked by a moderator (authorized representative of the Site Administration) after posting messages.

4.4. The visitor, who considers the information on the site as such, which directly violates someone's interests, and the User, who posted the information, can contact the Site Administration to resolve the differences caused by the information posted on the site. Such Visitors and / or Users are obliged to independently, through communication within the site, independently try to resolve the issues that are controversial in their opinion by taking reasonable steps to do so.

4.5. The company "UDIFO" has the right to terminate the Agreement with the User at any time, including if the User has violated any provision of the Agreement or committed actions that clearly indicate that the User does not intend or is not able to comply with the Terms of the Agreement.

4.6. The moderator, if the User violates the terms of this provision, may delete the posted information, review, question, answer, comment, video; block an account; prevent the User from accessing the site or exclude access to a part of the site’s capabilities by IP address.

4.7. A clearly reasoned challenge to the actions of the moderators is possible by communicating with the Site Administration.

4.8. The site administration provides the possibility for the User to receive and publish a widget with the evaluation of the exchange service by the Users of the site under the following conditions:

4.8.1. The user must place the widget in such a way that the widget would be available for viewing by visitors of Internet sites in full.

4.8.2. The user has no right to change the widget in any way.

4.8.3. The user has the right to place the widget only on those Internet sites on which the User has all the necessary rights for such placement. Also, the User is obliged not to post the widget on websites that have materials (including any information, image, video, etc.), the placement and use of which is prohibited or restricted by EU legislation or violates the rights of third parties.

4.9. The feedback system of the site can be used only by private individuals (individuals) who are the Site Users. The feedback system is not intended for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and / or representatives of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs. Including the feedback system is not intended for the dissemination of any business, advertising, discrediting other persons information.

4.10. The exchange service confirms that it has all the necessary licenses for its work, as well as rights to works in the field of science, literature and art, including, but not limited to, photographic works (including works that are made in a manner similar to photography), volume, which, in accordance with the laws of its country of location, is necessary and sufficient for the legitimate use of the above-mentioned works during the placement of advertisements of the exchange service on the website The exchange service for the use of the above-mentioned works on the website is fully liable, including for violation of the rights of third parties, in accordance with the laws of their country. The site administration is not responsible in case of improper use of the aforementioned works on the site by the exchange service.

5. Privacy policy

5.1. The procedure for the collection, use and disclosure of information that may be considered confidential, is carried out on the basis of the Privacy policy.

5.2. By accepting the terms of this agreement or visiting the pages of the site, the Visitor automatically agrees to the terms of the Privacy policy regarding the use of personalized and non-personalized confidential information, respectively.

5.3. Collection, storage, use, processing, disclosure of information obtained by the Site Administration as a result of a visit by a private person (Visitor or User) to its sites and / or filling in registration forms, including personal data of Users, is carried out by the Site Administration in accordance with EU legislation. A private person (Visitor or User) acknowledges and provides consent to the collection and processing of their personal data by the Site Administration within the framework and for the purpose stipulated by the terms of the User Agreement, the Privacy policy in accordance with EU legislation; undertakes to notify the Administration of the site about changes in his personal data.

6. Final terms

6.1. Filling in the registration form on any of the UDIFO websites or visiting the UDIFO websites pages, the Visitor automatically accepts the terms of this agreement.

6.2. The visitor accepts the terms of the Agreement in the case of actual use of the site. In this case, the User understands and agrees that UDIFO will regard the use of the Site by the User as acceptance of the terms of the Agreement from the relevant point in time.

6.3. The activities of the company "UDIFO" conducted in accordance with EU legislation. Any claims, disputes, official appeals will be considered exclusively in the manner prescribed by EU legislation.

6.4. UDIFO is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred by Visitors, Users, Exchange Services or third parties, as well as for lost profits resulting from activities.

6.5. The User agrees that he is solely responsible (and that UDIFO is not liable to the User or any third parties) for any violation by the User of its obligations established by this Agreement, as well as for all the consequences of such violations (including any losses or damage that UDIFO may suffer).

6.6. The terms of this Agreement may be changed by UDIFO unilaterally. The text of the current Agreement is available at: