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Any other questions regarding the service you can ask us through the feedback form on the contact page. We will publish especially popular questions on this page.

General issues

About us

You are on the site of the service. This is a monitoring of exchange offices, which automatically collects rates from all over the Internet 24/7 and provides information in the form of a clear summary table. In addition to exchange rates, the table will provide information on the reserve of the required currency, the minimum amount of exchange, commissions and the form of the exchange. Every 10 seconds we receive data from the exchangers, so with us you will definitely find the most relevant information about the best exchange rates. In addition, we work only with trusted and reliable partners, so you should not worry about the honesty of the exchange points of each of the 300 exchangers. To use the service, just go to the website, choose exchange directions (for example, QIWI to Bitcoin), and then from the list provided, where the best offer is always on top, choose an exchanger with conditions suitable for you. In the new tab opens the site where you can perform the operation.

We always follow the trends in the field of electronic money and try to work with the maximum number of electronic currencies. Now there are about 160 of them on the site, and this, for a second, is more than 25,600 exchange directions. You can exchange such electronic currencies as Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies, as well as work with online banking Privat24, Sberbank and many others.

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What is monitoring of exchangers?

This service allows owners of electronic money to choose the direction of exchange, analyze offers, choose the best exchanger for themselves and make a deal.

Do I have to pay for anything?

Our service is free for all users.

How long has the service been running?

We have been working since 2016.

Who will benefit from this service?

These are owners of small and medium businesses, remote workers (freelancers), traders on stock exchanges, investors, travelers and labor migrants. Bookmark our service using the ctrl + D (Windows) or cmd⌘ + D (Mac) keys so that we can help you at the right time.

What exchange directions do you have?

On you will find more than 600 exchange directions. You can profitably buy or sell Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, exchange electronic money in QIWI, Yandex.Money or WebMoney systems, as well as money using the cards of the largest banks in Russia, the CIS and the world.

How often is the exchange information updated?

Our monitoring is updated every 10 seconds and gives the latest information. The service is available around the clock 24/7 without days off.

I have chosen the exchanger, but the information on the website is different. What should I do?

Our website displays only the information that is sent automatically by the system of exchangers. If there is any discrepancy, we ask our users to report such cases and we will definitely clear up the situation.

What is better: automatic or manual exchange?

In automatic mode, the exchange is available around the clock 24/7. In manual mode, operations are usually unavailable at night and at weekends.

What are the guarantees that I will not be deceived?

We check the exchangers that we add to our list and monitor their work carefully. The system automatically responds to complaints from users, so the risk is minimized. We provide information services and are not responsible for the actions of a third party. For our part, we guarantee that we will quickly respond to any complaint and suspend work with the exchanger until all the circumstances are clarified.

What is the minimum and maximum exchange amount?

The minimum sum is the smallest amount of return that can be exchanged in a specific exchanger. This parameter is configured by exchangers due to the internal fixed commissions of monetary systems. They may be equal to the amount of exchange or even more, which will make such an exchange unprofitable. The maximum amount, as a rule, is limited by the monetary service itself (for example, QIWI) or by the currency reserve for return in a specific exchanger.

What is the reserve of an exchanger?

The reserve of an exchanger is a currently free amount of money available for return in a specific direction. It happens that an exchanger provides the best rate, but it does not have a sufficient reserve of a specific currency. The way out of this situation is to choose the next exchanger in the list. The total reserve of an exchanger is calculated due to the amount of all currencies in the operating wallets and is presented in US dollar equivalent. By this figure, you can understand how stable an exchanger is.

How to check the exchange rate in the opposite direction?

When you have already chosen the direction of exchange between two currencies, it is enough to click on the reverse arrow between them.

How many rubles do I need to buy 0.1 Bitcoin (BTC)?

On our website there is a built-in function “Calculator”, which allows you to calculate the exact amount. To use the calculator, select the exchange direction you are interested in, then click on the calculator icon, fill in one of the fields “Amount to be granted” or “Amount receivable” and click on the “Calculate” button. As a result, you will get accurate results for a specific example with proposals.

What should I pay attention to when choosing an exchanger?

After choosing the exchange direction, you will receive a structured table with proposals. At the very top, the offer with the best rate for the current moment is displayed. Pay attention to the minimum amount of exchange, reserve currency, as well as read reviews of real users, check the certificate of WebMoney and the certificate of a SSL exchanger.

How to restore access to my account?

Go to the page “Forgot my password” and follow the instructions.

My question is not here

Contact us and we will be happy to respond promptly. Contacts are available on this page.


I want to add my exchanger to

Start from the registration form and choose the option “Exchanger”.

What are the conditions of placement?

We will be happy to add you if ...
  1. The operating time of an exchanger is at least 6 months;
  2. The general reserve of an exchanger is more than $ 8000 in equivalent;
  3. For exchangers that work with WebMoney - the type of the certificate is not lower than the personal one, and the level of BL is not lower than 80;
  4. For exchange services working with Perfect Money - the account in the system is verified, and the TS level is not lower than 10;
  5. The information in the exchange rates file is updated each time any of the rates or reserves change on your site. The data in the rates file is identical to the exchanger site;
  6. The presence of an affiliate program with remuneration to the monitoring for a successful exchange - at least 0.5% of the exchange transaction amount;
  7. The website of your exchanger will contain information on cooperation with and the informer udifo .com

Has my exchanger passed the test?

We consider the application within 3 working days. You will receive the notification with your result via mail, which was written during the registration. We reserve the right to reject cooperation without giving a reason.

Is it possible to add an exchange office without an affiliate program?

Such an option is possible, but only if the functionality of an affiliate program is not established in your exchange office. In this case, the conditions are negotiated individually.

Why does my exchange office has the “inactive” status?

There may be several reasons for this situation:
  • There are no exchange rates specified in the rates file or the course file is not available;
  • The protection system of the exchanger prevents information reading about the rates, reserve and other parameters. Add the IP address of our bot to the white list;
  • Your exchanger was complained about three or more times in a row.
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